Michael Imbornone studied Fine Arts at the University of New Orleans.  He is a talented artist at heart and he incorporates his artistic mind into his construction work.  He began his career in construction at a very young age. He was trained as a finish carpenter, painter and finish man,  Early in his career he apprenticed with a sign and billboard painter where he learned the lost art of transferring and enlarging images, lettering and painting.  This apprenticeship inspired his idea to incorporate art into business.  

While only a teenager he was commissioned to paint a mural on Louis Street Street in the French Quarter in the building believed to be the House of the Rising Sun.  The ceiling mural created with oils and latex and gold leaf and is still there today. 

After that project was completed, he moved his creative skills into the renovation of barge board houses in historic homes in Bay St. Louis. Barge boards are planks usually about 1"x12"-2"x16" made of long leaf pine or cypress that were actually barges that were dismantled after traveling from upriver. The bargeboard house became and is still one of his favorite to renovate.  The versatility  of the lumber would inspire many of his works later in his career.

He then began to move his skills to the historic Marigny in New Orleans.  While working on homes, he taught construction to youth and began his own furniture store.  He sold out of the furniture as fast as he could make it.  He used refurbished materials to restore homes in a completely unique manner in homes that others would demolish or renovate in a conventional manner.  His company, The Factory, continues today to renovate homes in an artistic way resulting in the homes being a piece of art rather than a just a house.  He has a team of workers that include a worker with a Masters in Fine Arts, an engineering student, a master frame carpenter and master finish carpenter.  They create unique aspects of each home in addition to building furniture and doors that compliment the style of the home.